Chateau de Caraguilhes | Our philosophy
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Our philosophy

Organic viticulture is our passion. Our objective is to create exceptionally-crafted wines with a distinct style and richness, using traditional wine-making techniques. We let our soils and vines express themselves naturally through each bottle and vintage.

We want not just to produce the highest quality wines but to communicate through them an experience of our rich regional history and the warmth and beauty of our estate. Our goals are:

  • to work in harmony with nature by optimising the health of our vineyards to maximise the capacity of our soils to express their character through our vines
  • to be an environmentally-conscious grower and producer of wines that are a true reflection of our unique, natural surroundings
  • to make an uncompromising commitment to crafting distinctive, elegant and balanced wines that speak of the extraordinary land and environment of Caraguilhes

We are the largest grower of certified organically-grown grapes in the Corbières region. Since 1992, the accreditation body ECOCERT has ensured that all the grapes used in the making of Caraguilhes wines are certified as organic (

Our organic wines do not use pesticides, herbicides or chemical fertilizers.  We use only environmentally-friendly methods and resources to grow our grapes, such as natural pest and weed control.  Plants other than vines are grown in and around our vineyards to maintain and improve biodiversity and soil structure.

Caraguilhes vineyards have been committed to full organic farming since 1987.  With this early awareness of the need to respect the earth and its terroir, our soils and vines have evolved to become richer and healthier.  With healthier soils and healthier vines, we are growing better quality fruit, which in turn allows us to make better quality wine.